You’re a Child of God!

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God…..but I have received the Spirit of adoption in which I cry Abba Father! The Spirit Himself bears witness with my own spirit, assuring me that I am a child of God ~ Romans 8: 14-16

 You are a child of God and God has imparted His glory and power in you. Just linger on this powerful truth “You [insert your name], are a Child of the Most High God and He has imparted His glory and power in you”.

You’re not an accident or mishap. You’re not someone’s mistake. You’re not a person without identity on this planet earth. For the Lord formed and created your being in your mother’s womb. He has called you by your name, He has surnamed you.

You [insert your name] are a child of God. That’s your heritage. When you walk in the knowledge of who you truly are, get ready for the Lord’s unconditional love to greet you each morning, His divine favor to embrace you each day, His goodness and mercy to overtake you and crown you with success……you, child of God!


6 thoughts on “You’re a Child of God!

  1. Very words knocks me and reminds me that I am a child of God.My flesh always fails me but God’s promise assures me that I am in good hands.

    Very encouraging and edifying!

  2. An amazing write out!

    Know the truth and the knowlegde of truth will set you free.If only we all know and acknowledge the tablenacle of God withus than all challenges can be brought to its end.

    The amazing miracle work that God done in your life can happen to our life too if only we acknowlede the zoe life within us.

    At this juncture I would like encourage every readers and even myself to take time off to acknowledge God’s presence(the trinity God) within them and to enjoy His micracles in our life.

    Great work Suzan!

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