The greatest GIFT I could ever receive

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Hello friends,

I have been out of action in the past weeks. My apologies for E-MIA (electronically missing in action :p)

If I were to ask you “what is the greatest gift that you have ever received or could ever receive” what would your answer be? Come on, put on your thinking cap and take a moment to ponder about it.

Have you come up with your wish list? Is it a dazzling diamond? Is it striking a windfall or perhaps even winning a condominium or a Lamborghini? How does an all paid around-the-world trip sound to you? It sounds out of the world doesn’t it?

I had been all “wired up” these past weeks due to my book-keeping examination and my son’s examination as well which overlapped at the same time. It contributed to my insomnia nights of late. It was on one such sleepless night, that I asked myself this question. I was desperately trying to get some sleep before dawn knocked on my window, but my body system decided to take on the Owl’s night shift. As I was on the bed, I was thinking about what is the greatest gift I could ever receive. My mind raced through the galaxies and came up with so many material things. The more I thought, the more sleepless I got, so I started to think at even more deeper level!

I thought about the Lord in His Glory and Majesty. I thought about His Sovereignty and Splendor. I thought about His Holiness and then I thought about my own imperfection. I thought how I could ever approach the throne of God as I am without falling dead in the awesome Presence of the Most Holy God. The best of us even in our A1 moments can never ever be in the Lord’s presence without being zapped to death because our righteousness is like unto filthy rags. That’s when my thoughts drifted to the garden of Eden when our primal parent blew their right to be in the Presence of God and as a result we also forfeited that privilege! I thought about how our Heavenly Father in consultation with His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, wrote the Redemption Plan! The Triune God in His infinite knowledge knew that there is absolutely no way that we can ever gain entrance to His Presence unless He made a way for us. Father God envisioned the Redemption Plan, Jesus Christ executed the grand plan through the cross. And now we can boldly enter the Lord Presence at Christ expense at any time. Now think with me differently for a moment… if the Father did not come up with the Redemption Plan? How if Jesus Christ did not shed His Blood to blot our sins? I shudder to think the consequences of that! What a wretched people we would have been!

As the morning dawned, it also dawned on me that the greatest gift I have ever or could ever receive, is the privilege that I have in Christ to approach the Presence of Lord at any time, any day. To me that is the greatest gift that I treasure. How about you?


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