Words are Containers of Power


Words have creative power; Words also have destructive power;
Words can build; Words can also tear apart;
Words can heal; Words can also injure;
Words can impart hope even in a dead-end; Words can also dispel your aspiring dreams.

As you sail through the winds of life and charter into unknown terrains,
The horizon perhaps is calm on some days and stormy on some other days;
Some part of the journey may be smooth whilst some other part boisterous;
This could be the life you dreamed of or it could be a life you did not bargain for.

We frame our world with the words we speak. Where we are today in life, is a sum total of the words we have spoken thus far. Where we will be in our “not so distant” future would be determined by the words we choose to speak.

The Words we speak are self-fulfilling prophecies. Life and death is in the power of our Words. So my friend, let us choose our Words wisely!



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