Doing one thing to move forward….

There is an inate desire in me to impact and influence my world with empowering words; Words that are drawn from the “Greatest Writer” the Holy Spirit.

After a few E-coaching session with Holley Gerth, I ventured out and created a blog titled “Empowering Thoughts”. However, very soon the bubble fizzled out as thoughts of inadequacy, lack of motivation and a variety of other reasons crept in. All too soon I stopped what I had started.

The God-sized series has reignited my desire to write again and after reading Holley’s “Small Things Can Make a BIG Difference–Especially When We’re Together ” post, I was gently nudged to take action. So I returned here immediately and wrote a brief post titled “Words are containers of Powers”. Without worrying much about eloquence, I simply let the words flow and quickly clicked the “publish” button. In order to connect with a wider audience, I also went on to set up a face book profile (something which I had resisted to do for a long time!).

I read it somewhere that unless you loose sight of the shores, you cannot discover what is on the other side of the horizon. I have taken my first two tiny steps to move forward to discover the horizon.

To all those who read my blog, thank you for your visit and time.  Please excuse me for posting a “work-in-progress” article.

God bless you!



2 thoughts on “Doing one thing to move forward….

  1. “There is an innate desire in me to impact and influence my world with empowering words. Words that are drawn from the “Greatest Writer”, the Holy Spirit.” Bam. That’s awesome! And I can most certainly relate! I think the world hears (and prefers) its own voice so much, it spurns the message of God at times. I’m glad there are people out there who have such a strong desire to infuse His words back into the secular.

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