Don’t play it safe!

Different strokes for different folks! Every one of us responds to life challenges differently. Life events either shapes us into ‘bitter’ or ‘better’ beings; events that either ‘makes us’ or ‘break us’; either spurs us to keep on moving or pushes us into the closet and keep the doors tightly shut!

Disappointments and heartaches may have ‘beaten to pulps’ your dreams, hopes and expectations. As ammunition against disappointments, you may have a propensity to think “I will not hurt, if I dream not, hope not, expect not”. If you have trodden down this path like I did, you’ll soon realize that you exist but without life; you’ll be awake but not alive; you’ll walk without a skip in your steps; your heart beats monotone!

But this is not what you were created for, my friend! The creative God who formed you and I, created us in His very own image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). God’s very first instruction to mankind was to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28) not to be safe and stagnant. Growth will not occur unless “a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies” (John 12:24). If you shield yourself from the hard knocks of life by not aspiring and daring to dream, you will not grow and flourish. By living a life without expectations, you may be “disappointment-free” but that will not be a life of fulfilment.

The heart of Him who formed you and called you by name (Isaiah 43:1) bids you to step out of the boat and walk on water; and should the blows of life threaten to sink you, fear not friend, for Jesus will IMMEDIATELY stretch forth His hand and catch you ((Matthew 14:31).

So don’t play it safe beloved one. You are not called to a life of mediocrity. Dare to dream and spread out your wings and take off to higher ground! The host of heaven cheers you on and so do I!

Eagles flight


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