Embrace Change!


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Change and I are not the best of buddies. Being the “if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it” and “don’t rock the boat” kind of person that I am, I’m usually averse to Change. ‘Form’, ‘structure’, ‘routine’ are a few of the buzz words in my world. So whenever ‘Change’ comes to visit me, I’ll cringe and duck for cover. I’ll fight tooth and nail to maintain status quo.

I must admit though, by keeping Change at arm’s length, life becomes boring. After a while sameness loses appeal; just like your favorite outfit that has been worn repeatedly and loses sheen or like a well-trodden grass patch that becomes bare, life itself becomes dull and wearisome if Change is not Embraced!

In the grand scheme of life, Change is inevitable. In our lifetime, we will go through different seasons – a season to humble and a season to rise; a season to go without and a season to abound; a season to wane and a season to blossom; a season to abandon and a season to gather together. One leads to another and we need to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly in the same vein because it is Change that adds variation, vibrancy and vigor to life!

And you know what, our God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things that do not exist, as though they do (Roman 4:17), Himself embraced Change for the greater good of mankind! Author Max Lucado* describes it beautifully this way – “Jesus swapped a spotless castle for a grimy stable. He exchanged the worship of angels for the company of killers. He could hold the universe in his palm but gave it up to float in the womb of a maiden. He went from commanding angels to sleeping in the straw. From holding stars to clutching Mary’s finger. The palm that held the universe took the nail of a soldier”

In the scriptures, we find at one instance, the Lord instructing Moses to strike the rock so that water would flow out for the people to drink and at another time the Lord commanded Moses to speak to the rock instead (Numbers 20:7-12). Sadly, Moses had to pay a hefty price because he did not embrace the order of Change.

I have heard it said that absurdity is defined as doing the same things again and again and expecting different outcome. Resistance to Change impedes creativity and new discoveries. Imagine for a moment, if the world did not evolve, would we have embraced growth and advancement? It is only when we are willing to embrace Change, we get to enlarge our visions and spring open the doors to unchartered territories, dreams and life anew!

So, of late, my perception of Change has changed (pardon the pun :p) I’m welcoming Change with wide open arms; would you join me? God-Sized-Button



*Max Lucado quote from “A Love Worth Giving”

Thanks for reading Embrace Change! I’d love to hear your views. Please comment!


5 thoughts on “Embrace Change!

  1. Love how you expressed the difficulty to change and the WHY that we should embrace it.
    This is a god reminder to all of us who desire to grow in our relationship with our Lord!
    God bless.

  2. I like the way you expressed the challenges we face in different seasons…..I am willing to embrace change and am ready to receive what God has in store for me. Thanks for sharing and making me realize that we all do need some vibrancy and vigor in our life. God Bless You!

  3. There’s so much truth in what you shared. I believe many would have inhibitions to change. I remember once going for a DISC profiling course where I was told that my personality resembled that of the ‘S’ category, which stands for ‘Steadiness’. Persons of the ‘S’ personality type like routines, and do not react very readily to change. Though I found that to be an accurate assessment of my nature, it wasn’t something that I was willing to accept lying down.

    Like what you shared, change is always for better for those who’re in Christ, and who are called according to God’s purpose. And I believe change often comes in the form of shaking for the believer. The word says that we who live under the new covenant live in a time of great shaking. That everything that everything that can be shaken will be shaken, so that only the eternal things (that which cannot be shaken) will remain (Hebrews 12:26 – 29). We often sing in song and say in prayer, “Lord I surrender.” But innately, it seems that we human have a propensity to hold on – to things around us, to people, to circumstances. And when we say we surrender ourselves to God, what we often mean is “Lord, I place my life in your hands. Now Lord You can fix it the way I want.” But that often isn’t how God works.

    I remember a preacher sharing once about how we often hold on to things as if we were a man fallen into a pit, grabbing onto the rope for dear life. It is dark all around and he can’t see the bottom of the pit. When finally, he loses strength, and isn’t able to hold on any longer, he takes a deep breath, and lets go, believing he is going to drop to his death. He does this, only to realise that he’s three feet away from the bottom of the well.

    Often times, we’re probably not ready to let go completely. Like the man in the well, we believe that if we let go, we’re going to have a crash landing and die, forgetting that when we fall, we fall into the hands of a loving Father, who cares so greatly for us that he’d send angels to carry us in case we hit our little pinky toes against a pebble (Psalms 91:12).

    God is in the business of uprooting the things in our lives that are holding us down, that He may do a new thing in the seasons that we may be in. I’m sure we may still be afraid to let go. But its okay because I believe we’ll never be fully confident to accept change. And that’s why its perfectly fine to do it scared! To let go taking that deep breathe, cause God catches you anyway! And the more we allow God to take over I believe we’ll come to realise that we have more reason to be excited when we allow God to bring new things into our lives than to be fearful. He is always with us, and for us; for our greatest good. Amen.

  4. The only thing which is constant in our life is change. You have given great insights from the bible as well from your perspective. Beautiful sharing. For youngsters of today, embracing change had become part and parcle of their life as they have been geared for the change lest they will be left behind in this competitive world that we arwew living in, so embracing change is never an issue for them. But for people from the older generation, those who are in the 40ties and above, embracing change disrupts their mundane things that they had been doing from day to day, they do not welcome it with open arms. They have fixed mindsets on many issues. Like what you shared, just imagine if Jesus ahd settled in HIS comfort zone as all was within his control and decided to stay put where HE was, would we all have a place to call home in heaven after our chapter on earth is over? Who else could have shared the best example of embracing change rather then Jesus? So each time change comes in various form into your life, just remember tha change is always for your own good and the change will keep pushing you forward to excel. Without dreams, aspirations, goals and change life will come to a standstill. All the more being children of God, we should embrace change readily. God so loved the world that HE did not spare HIS son, to embrace change he gave heaven’s best. I know change is difficult to embrace for the older generation, but just look to the cross and remember what Jesus had done for us, that will drive you to exceed, suceed and excel in this world. Embracing change is for the betterment for our lives. The bible says, I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me, God did not leave any thing as the word ALL covers in every area of our life which includes embracing to change. Go the bible way and you will adapt to the constant changing environment smoothly and gracefully. There is no excitement in doing mundane day to day things Life needs challenges to propel us to constantly keep moving. So dear sister Suzan, you are in the right track and I shall endeavour to do the same. Thank you for the enlightening sharing. I believe this will be a great blessing to many who reads it.

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