About Me

Hey there,

Thanks for dropping by my blog!  Hope this day is bright and beautiful for you.

I’m Suzan and here at “Empowering Thoughts” I hope to connect with you positively. Here’s a little blurb about myself – – A HR practitioner by profession, I am a joyful mother of a preteen, a committed spouse, sibling, friend, embracer of all that is positive and progressive and hopefully one who cheers you too 🙂

The first love of my life is absolutely Jesus! The second love is a cup of piping hot coffee! The aroma of a fresh brewing coffee simply perks me. POSITIVE thoughts and words have the same effect on me! A person’s perspective on life would either limit him/her to a life of mediocrity or propels him/her to a life of greatness and it all begins with his/her thoughts!

The first and foremost liberating thought is that God is not mad at us but LOVES us unconditionally. From this knowledge, stems all other empowering thoughts that would liberate us to a life that is truly worth living.

The purpose of my blog is simply this….igniting positive sparks! The lyrics of the song titled “Pass It On” portrays my intentions aptly: “because it only takes a spark to get a fire going and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing; that’s how it is with God’s love; once you’ve experience it, you spread His love to everyone; you want to pass it on”

It is my sincere hope that when you exit my blog, you would walk away refreshed and recharged with positivity!





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