That Glorious Day

I shared to a friend on the events that lead me to Christ and he penned this beautiful poem for me. Paul my friend, thanks!

 **** Zan’s Testimony ****

A cry went up unto the heavens
“O Lord reveal yourself to me…
I’m so tired of this religion
All I want… is to be free”

It winged its way through mist and tears
To whom she was not sure
Yet in her heart she was sincere
And hoped her prayer was heard

A week had passed… but then “The Day”
When invited by a friend
To view the cross and all its shame
How Jesus died for sin

In a moment of time amidst the sobs
She heard God’s voice so true
“You asked for the true and living God…
And I revealed myself to you”

Tears stained her face, her heart in two
As she listened to His plea
“I love you Zan and died for you
Would you now receive me?”

No words can pen…it feels like heaven
That glorious day in her life
When Zan had all her sins forgiven
When she met Jesus Christ!

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